Products API

To manage your products, you can use the following commands.

Description Method URL
Get all products GET /api/v1/products
Get one product GET /api/v1/products/{id}
Create new product POST /api/v1/products/
Update a product PUT /api/v1/products/{id}
Delete a product DELETE /api/v1/products/{id}

All attributes used for products

These are the attributes available in the call to the Products API.

Attribute Type Note
idrequiredread only integer Unique identifier for the product
code string(20) An own defined product code (not displayed on invoices, but it's for your own reference, like an article code)
name string Name of the product shown on the invoice
price float The price of the product with max. 3 decimals
taxes integer Tax percentage. This must be a percentage that's also set in the user his account.
priceintax float The including tax price of the product with max. 3 decimals.
When this field is empty, we'll calculate the priceintax automatically based on 'price' and 'taxes'.
notes string Internal notes for a product
stock float/boolean If stock is used, the amount in stock is given, else it will show a false.
stock_use boolean Enable or disable stock features for this product

Create new product

POST /api/v1/products/

Create a POST with at least the required attributes.

// build the post body we are going to submit
  'code' => 'Soundboard-50S',
  'name' => 'Flash Soundboard 50 Samples',
  'price' => 39.95,
  'taxes' => 21

Or as a JSON:

  "code": "Soundboard-50S",
  "name": "Flash Soundboard 50 Samples",
  "price": 39.95,
  "taxes": 21

Update a product

PUT /api/v1/products/{id}

Create a PUT with at least the required attributes and attributes of fields you want to update. Check the example above how to build the PUT body.

Update the stock for a product

PUT /api/v1/products/{id}

With a simple PUT command, the stock can be changed for a product

  'stock' => 24

Or as a JSON:

  "stock": 24