Saved Invoices API

To manage your saved invoices, you can use the following commands.

To create a saved invoice, use the Invoices API.

Description Method URL
Get all saved invoices GET /api/v1/invoices_saved/
Get one saved invoice GET /api/v1/invoices_saved/{id or invoicenr}
Delete saved invoice DELETE /api/v1/invoices_saved/{id or invoicenr}
Send saved invoice(s) POST /api/v1/invoices_saved/

All attributes used for saved invoices

Attribute Type Note
idread only integer Unique invoice id
nameread only string(20) Unique name for the invoice
referenceread only object Contains reference lines on the invoice. 'line1', 'line2', 'line3'. All are strings.
linesread only array All invoice lines on the invoice
Per line:
'discount_pct' (discount percentage)
'tax_country' (boolean, input only)*
'linetotal' (read only)

if you want to use a foreign tax for this line, set this to true. Read more

To use text lines on an invoice, only supply 'description' and do not use the other fields. Check the example below for more info.
profileread only id The ID of the used profile. Default is default profile.
discounttyperead only string(10) The type of discount. 'amount' or 'percentage'
discountread only float If 'discounttype' is amount, then this is the amount of discount set on the invoice. If 'discounttype' is set to 'percentage', this is the discount percentage set.
paymentconditionread only string The payment condition set on the invoice. Default is the payment condition set in the application.
paymentperiodread only integer Term of payment in days. Default is the payment period set with the client.
totaldiscountread only float The total amount of discount set
totalintaxread only float Invoice total including taxes
alreadypaidread only float The amount that is already marked as paid on the invoice
alreadypaidmethodread only string(32) The payment method of the part that is already paid
clientnrread only integer Client number
contactread only string(50)
companyread only string(50)
addressread only string(50)
zipcoderead only string(7)
cityread only string(50)
countryread only integer or string Country id. You can get a list of country id's with the function api/v1/countrylist. When creating or updating a client, you can supply a country id or a country name. We'll then try to find the id of the country you supplied.

Send a saved invoice

You can send one or multiple saved invoice directly with a simple API call.

POST /api/v1/saved_invoices/

When posting this call, we need a few attributes in the body, please check the example below for more info.

Attribute Type Note
actionrequired string(4) "send" is the only option at the moment
deleterequired boolean if the saved invoices must be deleted after sending
idrequired array array of ids that we need to send. (max 10 id's per call)


This is example, we will be sending 5 saved invoices.

Be aware: sending invoices can take some time. Around 1,5 sec per invoice. Please do not send multiple calls at once and wait until the call is finished before sending the next.

   "action": "send",
   "delete": true,
   "id": [252, 253, 254, 259, 1337]