Search API

Search within

Description Method URL
Execute a search GET /api/v1/{area}/{field}/{search_query}

All attributes used for taxes

Attribute Type Note
area string Define the search area where we should look. Possible options are: 'invoices', 'clients' and 'products'
field string Define in what specific field you want to search. Use 'all' if you want to search in all fields.
search_query string What you want to search. We search in all the fields known in the search area.

Search of client "john" in all fields

GET /api/v1/search/clients/all/john

Search for a client with a specific email address in the email area

GET /api/v1/search/clients/email/

Search of clients in Amsterdam, but only in the city field

GET /api/v1/search/clients/city/amsterdam

Search of a product with code 20554

GET /api/v1/search/products/code/20554